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June 20, Tuesday

Our room Stewart has a 2 month old son he has not seen in person.Tomorrow his contract is done and he will fly to Indonesia and hold his son for the first time. His smile was so huge today, it literally was ear to ear. It made us smile every time we saw him.

Last night of this cruise, when we returned from the last show, acrobats, the hall was full of suitcases Lots of instructions were left for the back to back cruisers. Sea cards, immigration, lunch, and where not to be during boarding.

We need to have laundry done again. ....and what happened to our vow of no souvenirs. It has been repeatedly violated. Clothing will have to be left behind unless we can win a backpack as another carry on. A Russian Fairy Tale book, a Dutch version of Barbie, t-shirt from Paris, an Estonian music box and the list goes on.

My husband has had a cold, recovered only to be worse later. I really think he needs to go to medical. The Vick’s and eucalyptus, mentholated gum is no longer working. There is a crackle in his chest. It’s worrisome.

We have watched a lot of soccer and are kind of invested now in the outcome of the World Cup.

Mary ,who started out shy and quiet, has worked herself up to doing the Bingo wiggle. By the end of this next cruise she will be singing karaoke and speed dating.

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