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June 19, Tuesday

Copenhagen is the home of author Hans Cristian Anderson. He wrote many children’s story books and one of them was the Little Mermaid. Her bronze statue was actually the last thing we saw today and it ended with tragedy. Did you know that in the original book she dies? That her statue has been beheaded twice. Her arm removed and stolen but later recovered. I am happy Disney gave her a better life.

Today on the inevitable bus tour we had a guide from Peru who married a Dane. Can I count Peru?

The backs of several tourist vans say Touresfart. It amuses my husband every time he sees one.

This city is a mix of new modern buildings with those that were built in the 1500’s. A beautiful apartment building on the Main Street built 400 years ago has apartments with only 40 sq. meters of floor space are expensive enough that only the wealthy can afford to live in them. Most of the city central was under construction for the new metro system. So all the piictures have fencing,cranes, and scaffolding in them.

Denmark is the size of Vermont and New Hamphire together. When you buy a new car it is taxed at 180%. If the car is electric only 25%.

They are a member of the European Union but have kept their money the krona $1 USD = 6 Kronos.

A bridge was built from Denmark to Sweden across the Baltic Sea. The toll is $170 or $30 on public transportation. It was actually a stop on the tour to have an unobstructed view of it so we could take pictures.

There are 6000 windmills in Denmark that provide 42% of the country’s energy. Their goal is by 2030 to have all of their energy come from windmills, solar, sea waves, and incinerators recycling waste to energy. There is one incinerator already in use. Cleanest air of any country.

It rains here 300 days a year and they were thrilled with the weather today. 68 and windy. In the summer it’s day light from 4am to 10pm in the winter it is daylight from 8am to 2:30pm.

We learned more about the royal family then I can pass on to except to say they are very popular. The palaces are spectacular. The crown prince and his family were in their palace today because the Danish flag was flying on the roof. They have guards like Buckinham palace.

I learned that the thatched roofs are a sign of weath because the reeds used are expensive.

The country has over 30,000,000 pigs.

Denmark has been voted by the UN,three different years ,as the happiest country in the world. They have free education, elementary, secondary, and college. Work 37 hour a week. Have 6 weeks holiday. All medical care is free, public services, like the metro,library’s ,and parks. Income tax is 45%.

This evening in the theater was a Beatles tribute band that brought back some memories. We lost miserably at Family Fued and harassed the waiters during supper. A full day!

Tomorrow at sea.

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