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June 18,Monday

We had breakfast with a couple from Israel. Her name was Edna and his Oman. He was an emergency room doctor who recently retired. They were very forth coming with the questions I asked. I now have talked to and sat with people from 25 countries. It’s much like collecting license plates when you travel by car. Someone told me there was a couple from Yemen on the ship but I have not had contact with them.

There was a back to back cruise meeting at 10 this morning and they served us mermosas. They answered questions about how to change over your sea cards and accounts for the next cruise. There were maybe 150 people staying on. We don’t have to change rooms but about half will need to move to a different state room.

Mary and I played “see it, say it ”triva and came in second. Our prize was Royal Caribbean nylon bags that fit in a tiny draw string bag.

The Love & Marriage game was going to be played in the theater. Don & Terry Rowe were chosen to play as the longest married couple. They did great, even though in the beginning Don looked like he would rather be anywhere else. When they asked him what Terry refused to share he said “me”. There was spontaneous applause. They came in second and reaped a bundle of RC loot. It’s being shown on ship channel 14.

England is playing in World Cup tonight and the Brits filled the big screen TV bar. You can hear them yelling all over the 6th floor.

Dick and I did not go to supper tonight. We couldn’t face another meal.

I heard a comedian say she was not a trophy wife but more of a commemorative plate. I am leaning more and more towards being a shot glass with a country stamped on it.

The band on this ship is absolutely superb. It is a joy to go into the theater and hear them no matter what they play.

Tomorrow is Copenhagen, Denmark.

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