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It is 0609 and Ross has been up since 0513. Ross and Marge drove from Redding to Canyonville, Oregon yesterday where they refueled the motorhome at the Seven Feathers fuel station and then moved to the adjacent Seven Feathers RV for an overnight stay.

The ride from Redding to Canyonville was uneventful. The sky was clear and the temperature was in the upper 90’s. They checked in at the campground and got settled expecting an uneventful afternoon and overnight stay. However, just after they were ready to set everything up and just after the leveling jacks we dropped Ross came into and discovered a frightful site at the Power Control System Control Panel window. The line voltages showed 88 volts on one leg and 148 volt on another leg and the words “Brown Out” were flashing in the window. Ross started to investigate but could find thing wrong and he disconnected the incoming electrical power and turned on the generator. Under generator power everything seemed to be “OK” so he went to office and told them that it looked like there was a problem with the power post or the campgrounds electrical system. The office sent an electrician to the campsite and he completely disassembled the post and could find nothing wrong.

Ross then went into the motorhome and checked every 120 volt electrical outlet as well as every circuit breaker and he could find nothing wrong. He then decided that the problem was with the Power Control Panel itself. By the time al this was completed it was too late to call the Tiffin Factory for help so he call a friend and service tech he uses at home and he recommended to wait overnight when the temperature would drop and then shut off the inverter and disconnect the power from the power post a few minutes. So at 0500 Ross was up and dressed and followed his friend’s suggestions and low and behold the fault was cleared and the system is now working as it should.

It is now 0630 and both Ross and Marge are up and drinking our first coffee of the day. The temperature overnight dropped to 58 degrees and they are actually using the heat pumps to warm up the motorhome before they begin the drive to Vancouver, Washington later this morning. It seems that today will be a repeat of yesterday with clear skies and temperatures in the 90’s.

As a result of yesterday’ s fiasco they forgot to call ahead and make reservations at the campground they wish to use in Vancouver and the campgrounds office does not open until 090 this morning. This means they will have call while on the road and if there is no room at their campground of choice they will have to try and find accommodations elsewhere.


The oversite of not calling the campground they wanted to use did not really hurt since when they did call the surely person Marge talked to said they were full and she would not know of any other RV park that might be able to accommodate them. Marge called several other campgrounds and she got the same answer that the park was fully booked. There was one RV park Marge and Ross had used previously and while Ross was on the telephone with that RVpark Marge was on the parks website making reservation online. The number Ross dialed turned out to be the corporate reservation person and she said she could handle the reservation and placed Ross on hold for several minutes. This corporate person came back on the phone and told Ross that the park was full, but a second or two later Marge got an online Reservation Confirmation. The park is not as close to the Roadmaster Factory but the distance is only about 15 miles.

It seems that campgrounds are at a premium and they are learning that they need to start booking reservations as long as possible ahead of time and that really cuts into Marge and Ross’ travel format because they like to travel loose so that they can take time and visit places they never knew existed rather having to operate under a strict agenda. It is very likely that the closer they get to the East Coast the more difficult it is going be to find reservations on short notice because there seems to be fewer campgrounds on the East Coast than on the western coast and the RV industry is selling new RV’s as fast as they can built them.

The weather today turned out to be overcast and Ross and Marge ran into some very light rain. The skies were cloudy and when they arrived at the campground the skies were very dark and ugly and that made them think that a heavy storm was approaching. However, the sky continues to be overcast but is no longer as threatening.

The trip today included one accident that delayed traffic. The incident involved a UPS truck pulling three trailers that crossed four lanes of traffic and ended up in the middle of field. There was another incident that was cleared when they got there but it had slowed the traffic for another 15 minutes or so.

Tomorrow Ross and Marge will drive the motorhome and the pickup truck to the Roadmaster Factory. The tow bar system used by Ross and Marge is about 8 years and it has covered about 100,000 miles. Ross wants the tow bar inspected and any parts that are worn excessively repaired or replaced. They hope that the inspection/repairs will be finished quickly so we can get back to the campground and rest up for the next day which is looking like it will include in excess of 400 miles of travel, a distance Ross hasn’t driven in one day since he was 50 years younger.

That is for now.

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