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Farewell Zurich

Day 26. In air-Hong Kong-In air

13/6/18. Wednesday. In air-Hong Kong.

Cathy our Travel Agent, had arranged airport transfer transport for us - well for Ian actually, but I went along for the ride! At Zurich there was a golf buggy waiting and it took us and a lady who was transferring to the same flight, through Passport Control and then by van to our departure terminal, in a matter of 10-15 minutes. So quick, so easy, and lucky that Cathy felt short transfer times would be best for Ian. It was raining when we left Zurich and raining now as we prepare for landing in Hong Kong. We were put in a holding pattern for nearly 45 minutes, and finally landed in the rain. This time it was a wheelchair for Ian - with me running along behind. I feel a bit of a poser, but it was arranged before we left home, which seemed sensible at the time.

We were both tired when we got on the plane in Zurich, and I thought there was no way we would sleep, but after we skipped the whole menu and just had the main, settled down, and surprisingly we both slept for probably 5-6 hours. That’s a first! We had breakfast 90 minutes before our flight was ‘due’ to land, and here we are having dinner about 4 hours later. I expect we’ll be offered a meal when we’re on the plane also - but we don’t have to accept!!!

Ian is now walking, walking, walking, before the next long flight - 8h50m. Not as long as the last one - 11h50m.

Time to go. Home, beautiful home in the morning! And only 3 steps, front and back!!!

Thanks for reading.

Love to all.

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