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Thursday June 7

Oh happy day. We all slept 10 hours and are ready to head out of the hotel in search of Breakfast. For some reason, unknown to me, we went to a place called the American Pancake House. The waitress promptly told us what the difference was between American & Dutch pancakes. Dutch pancakes are more like crepes and American are thick and stacked. The group had picked a variety between the two. My Dutch was almost 15 “ across thin and naked, ready for syrup which as close as we could tell was sorghum. Dick was the only one who identified it correctly. The Americans were about 6” ‘s across a good half inch thick piled in a stack of 3 with bananas cooked on the top, an X of bacon, or a spread of cream cheese gum paste that turned out to be homemade yogurt. It’s good to try new things!

We then went on a two hour canal ride and saw the sites of Amsterdam. Lots of famous artists, museums, diamond cutting demos, it was 85 with a nice brease. The natives are thrilled with warm weather. The humidy is high enough that my hair looks like cotton candy.

The locals ask where you’re from and if you are American what country your great grandparents immigrated from. When I tell them my maiden name was Bronkema they say” ahhh from up north”. So far I have not had an opportunity to ask where that is in the Netherlands.

I am inclined to want to buy everything with a windmill or tulip on it which means I would have to ship ieverything home on a cargo ship. Restraint!

Tomorrow we take a bus tour of the Netherlands including The Hague, Deft China factory, the miniature village and windmill historic site. As they say...a get on the bus day.

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