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Casselman Wind Power Project

Sign seen every couple yards!!! on WV 219

Route 219 along West Virginia’s eastern Allegheny Mountains

What a day!!! We are still dizzy from the drive! We left Bellefonte, PA at 7:30 AM with the sun shining through the clouds and temperature 57 degrees.

In Western Pennsylvania we saw lots of wind turbines in the distance - and learned that Western PA had multiple wind farms, these 23 being part of the Casselman Wind Project. The Casselman Wind Farm, located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, is putting land reclaimed from a former coal mine to productive use. Eight of the project's 23 wind turbines sit atop a rehabilitated surface mine. In addition, the former mining site also hosts the wind farm's operation center, collector transformer and interconnection facility. The 23 turbines at this wind power project generate 34.5 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable energy, enough to power for more than 10,000 homes.

Talk about wind!! It was VERY strong and made driving a rig, no matter how big or small it might be, very hard. No wonder they have all the wind fields in Western PA!!!

It started to rain about 11 AM when we crossed over into Maryland (only 140 miles covered so far!). An hour in MD, then the "fun" - more like hell - began. We entered the Monongahela National Forest in the north central highlands of West Virginia. What you might read on line ain't what we experienced! Route 219 was a "straight" shot to where we were going, and it was NOT straight. We have never been on such a winding road in our lives, and it didn't stop!!! Up one mountain, then down the other side with 5% to 10% grades.... some "S" turns, some hairpin turns. 150 miles and five hours of continuous sharp corners. No wonder we did not see one RV all through this Forest!! At one point we waited in traffic for 45 minutes without moving one inch, waiting for WV DOT to make one patch in the road!

In Hillsboro, WV, we did see author Pearl S. Buck's Birthplace. She was born in 1892 and although Buck spent a great deal of her life in China, the birthplace museum celebrates the influence that the home and the West Virginia lifestyle had on Pearl and how it shaped some of her major work throughout her life.

We passed Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park in WV where the battle occurred on November 6, 1863, during the American Civil War. Confederate forces engaged, but failed to prevent Union forces and as a result of the Union victory, Confederate resistance in the state essentially collapsed.

We find that West Virginia, at least in the Allegheny mountains, is a seemingly poorer population. Houses and yards are poorly kept but the people seem very congenial. But gas was $2.729!!! We squeezed in all we could get - lol.

Another reason we didn't see any RV's on WV-219 is that there are NO campgrounds!! None - zippo! By the time we got to Lewisburg, WV, a relatively "big" town, we were exhausted, hungry and had only 336 miles under our belt. So at 6 PM we stopped at a Ruby Tuesdays, had a hearty supper, and pulled into a Hampton Inn for the night......internet (I forgot to say that there was NO cell service in the mountains), soft bed and hot shower!!! Here's to a more successful day tomorrow.

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