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Bremen Rasthaus

Bremen Rasthaus

St Piet's

The Bremen Town Musicians

Schroon District

An old train

Today we drove from Berlin to Bremen through Magdeburg turning north at Hanover. We were going to see the gardens in Hanover but it was raining hard so we went on to Bremen. It was cloudy here when we arrived at 1.30p. We found an Ibis Hotel and settled in.

We walked the short distance to the tunnel under the Stradgraben...waterway passing a statue of a horse and the short block to the Old Town. We saw the Rathaus....cityhall. it was built in the 1200's. It has many statues around the roof. The Bremen Town Musicians...and is a large building. St. Piet Church with its double spires, also built in the 1200's, is on the same square but unfortunately was not open. Both occupy a side of a large square.

A "bubblemaker" was delighting children with the bubbles he was making. A light breeze was wafting the multicolored bubbles up into the air. Laughing children were chasing them trying to catch and break them. It was such fun watching them.

From here we walked to the Schroon District. This used to be the old fishermen's area. It is small narrow lanes, 1400's and 1500's cottage-style houses that are now touristy shops with souvenirs, cafes and restaurants. Fun to walk through. We noted the narrow spaces between buildings. They are hardly wide enough to put a drain. There is a neat Lilliput Shop, a hat shop with umbrellas supporting hats and a Cat Cafe with pictures of cats. Of course Beck has a restaurant. St. Johannes's Church caught my eye with its red brick. (1400's)

We walked back to Marketplatz and had dinner in an outdoor restaurant opposite St. Piet's watching the bubblemaker and the children....of all ages.

After we walked to the Atlantic Hotel (1909 rebuilt in the 30's) with its red brick.) It has tropical fish tanks, a shopping mall and all....and cobblestone streets. But they are everywhere.

We also walked along a street towards Am Brill finding clothing stores, bakeries and apothecaries....drug stores.

A mist descended so we headed back under the tunnel towards home as it sprinkled. We stopped at an Italian restaurant for a glass of wine. We met a fellow in the logging business...working towards retirement. He goes salmon fishing in Campbell River. Had been to the mill that was once there. He knew the yellow cedar market. Interesting. He and his wife left.

A fellow wearing a black hat with a long feather and riding a bicycle came along. He parked his bike, took off his hat and wandered over. Harry Dalton. He sat down, rolled a cigarette, and started to talk. An hour later we knew he was a musician, was divorced and had several girlfriends all in different countries. He speaks many languages and is learning Japanese to return to Kyoto. Sat. he plays from 9a to 3p in a barbershop. He plays wherever he gets a job. He was born July 4, 1951. He has lived in many countries but is German. We had a lot of laughs over a glass of wine.

The sprinkling increased and then decreased. It had stopped when we left to walk the short distance back to our jome for the night.

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