Lidia & Allen - Asia May-Sept 2018 travel blog

Protest March for Democracy

Result when Free Speech and Free Elections Are Limited

Cable Car from Cheng Tung to Ngong Ping

Cheung Tung Station

About to Cross Over the Bay

View Back to Cheun Tung

Up Into the Mountains

Hong Kong Airport on Man-Made Island down below

Approaching Mid-Station

Big Buddha in the Distance

That's A BIG Buddha

Ngong Ping Station

Walking Village Center

Buddha Above the Village

Profile in Peace

Nearby Po Lin Monastery

Some Intense Incence

268 Steep Steps Up

Buddha Close-Up

One of the Six Divas at the Base of Buddha

Another Diva

Youth Hostel Office & Tents

Our Hostel Home at Ngong Ping

Fishing Harbor at Tai O

Tai O Village

Welcome to Tai O

View Up-River Thru Village - Note Stilt Houses Along Water Edge

Stationary AirStream-Like Neighborhood

Long Boats - I guess the water just flows thru ?

Lidia and two Filipino Mom's we met

The Fruits of Health & Bliss

Mother Nature Always Wins Eventually

We were awakened on a sleepy Sunday morning by the sounds of a vociferous crowd. What's the issue ? Being 19 floors up we can not see down to the streets below, so I quickly dressed and went to street level. There were 100's of people peacefully parading & protesting recent restrictions of freedom of the press and mainland China deciding which political candidates could actually be candidates in a Hong Kong election. Lots of police who managed the traffic disruption extremely efficiently & calmly.

Decided to spend our last couple days in the Hong Kong area on Lantau Island; Southwest of Hong Kong Island. The International Airport is on a man-made island adjacent to the west of Lantau. Lantau is mostly a National Forest Preserve. Very steep tree covered terrain. The focus of the visit was the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping; a tiny village up in the mountains. Big Buddha is NOT tiny; in fact one of the 4 or 5 largest in the world depending on your measurement criteria. He is Bronze, weighs 280 tons, and seats 110 feet tall; the Statue of Liberty in NYC is 305 feet tall. The 268 step walk up to the base of the statue was a 'moist' endeavor; the heat & humidity just makes outdoor activity, except for sitting in the shade, not very pleasant.

The next day we visited Tai O, a famous fishing village about a 20 minute bus ride from Ngong Ping. Tai O is well past its prime of 1,000 years ago when the population was 30,000, and there were 400 or more fishing boats. I'd wager the population is a 10th of that these days.

Enjoyed spending our last couple days in the Hong Kong area away from the concrete & crowds. The miles & miles of forest covered steep mountains & ravines was a refreshing change. The Youth Hostel at which we stayed was also an innocent change of place.

Next on the agenda is a 'red-eye' flight to Tokyo.

Ciao for now, or is that Sayonara ?

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