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Visiting Sun Yat-sen Museum

30 Stories of Bamboo Scaffolding !

Truckloads thereof

Street Art I

Street Art II

Street Art III

Serious Roots in the Wall

Wedding Couple

Hilly Market Street with Steep Discounts !

HUGE Hands for Sale

A Mask-a-Raid

Night Out to Happy Valley Race Track

Warming Up

One Half on the stands

The Other Half

Entertainment Between Races

Entertainment Two

Looks Like a Winner

Comin' Down The Home Stretch

Visited the Sun Yat-sen museum today and learned a bit about one of the three men who led the Chinese Revolution (which toppled the 300 year old Qing Dynasty), at its start; they were Sun Yat-sen, Mao Tse Tung, and Chiang Kai Shek. Sun was for Democracy, Nationalism, and Peoples' Livelihood. He died in 1925 before the 1947 revolution resulted in the split between the other two. Where would Cnina be today if he had not died ?

Walked more of the (hilly) streets today and really appreciated the upward bound street escalators when we found them. Future project for San Francisco ?

Watched a building crew take down scaffolding on a street side construction site. All bamboo scaffolding to the top of the 30 story building ! The bamboo 'pipes' were 10' long & 3-4 " diameter ! Heard nary a scream, nor saw any falling bodies while I was there.

Went to Happy Valley race track this evening. Huge facility; can accommodate 55,000. Did not place any bets, and so did not lose/win any $$$. 3 of 4 hypothetical bets I would have placed lost, and the one winner would have earned me $2 ! Paid me NOT to bet.

Off to Macau tomorrow.

Ciao for now

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