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Street side food cart/stall

Awaiting Entry

Entrance Close-up

Metro Station Wall Murals


Hilltop Amusement Park on Road to Stanley

Bamboo Scaffolding

Interesting Home Architecture

Deep Water Bay

Secluded Small Beach in Stanley

Boat Repair

But I'm Innocent !?

Bureaucratic Building nicknamed "The Office of a 1,000 ___Holes"

Dim Sum Selection

Dried Seafoods Galore

And More !

Oldest Tram System in the World, since 1888.

Steep Streets

Above Street Walkways & Escalators

Although the weather has been hot (90F) & humid (90+ !) we have persevered and continued to explore Hong Kong. Finding interesting food sites has been largely successful, though the price point can vary a lot. Lunch for two has varied from $15 to $100; and not a lot of difference in the quality !? In fact, the $15 lunch at a small streetside business had some of the best tasting selections we've had. Navigating Hong Kong is very easy : signage is in English & Chinese AND on the Metro is color coded. The Metro is very clean (puts New York City to shame), frequent, and relatively inexpensive. So far we have not experienced any transit delays, as all has proceeded without delay; and we have traveled through a large portion of Hong Kong Island, and to distant areas of Kowloon. The population is quite courteous as regards honoring the queue, entering & exiting the transit vehicles, and giving up their seat to a mother with child or an elderly person; I've not yet been offered, so I must not yet be elderly - what a relief ! Watching the interactions & behaviors of people is a verification that people are basically the same - no matter from which country or culture. Mannerisms we've witnessed could be the same as those in the U.S. (or most elsewhere in the world), with only the language as a difference. Another commonality we have observed, talking with locals, is that the young tend to want more freedom (& the change required to implement that), while the elders opt more for peace & stability (even if 'freedom' or 'choice' is limited).

Went to Stanley on the South Coast of Hong Kong Island by bus one day. The ride curved around hillsides and ocean bays & beaches. At one point noticed 3 or 4 lines of gondolas ascending a mountain side - up to ???? A few curvy miles later, the answer - an amusement park built on the top of a mountain ! Stanley was the original settlement area but due to the flat area (and pre-communal sanitation efforts), standing water tended to result in disease (& large reductions in population !), and so businesses moved from Stanley to Hong Kong on the north of the island in the 19th century. Stanley is a small town dominated by the beach & markets. So small & quiet compared to Hong Kong City.

Hong Kong City though, as large as it is, 7.5 million, is relatively quiet; in almost two weeks have only heard fire/police sirens twice !!?? Either they don't use sirens, or life is so devoid of the need for them !? Hong Kong City reminds one of San Francisco and the hilly streets. EXCEPT, Hong Kong employs covered above street walkways (often air-conditioned), and escalators to access the walkways, or as a means of ascending a steep street - there are street 'sidewalks' (going up) that are escalators ! You do have to walk down !

More exploring tomorrow, & off to the races at night.

Ciao for now

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