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Convention Centre from Victoria Harbor on Star Ferry

View of east side of Hong Kong Island from ferry

Star Ferry w/ city in background

A Junk ?

The Clock Tower as we approach Kowloon Ferry Terminal

View of western central Hong Kong (Island) from Kowloon

Clock Tower & 'Day Glo Ferry'

Our ferry w/ Central Hong Kong Island as background

Our ferry's pedigree

Lili & Clocktower

Clocktower Pedigree

Central Hong Kong (Island City)

Shall We Dance ?

Yes, We Shall

Supposed to be Famous

Might be why !

A 'Hot Pot Dish'

How many cans in this cube ?

Hong Kong Satellite view

Hong Kong regional depiction

Hong Kong political history up till British control

The light blue areas are most of present day Hong Kong; earlier...

And Hence the Word

Note the words 'Round Chop' in the 4th line

Tree Ablaze

We ventured over to the 'Downtown' Kowloon section of Hong Kong today. This time we took the Star Ferry, and for ten minutes enjoyed the view/perspective of Hong Kong Island from the harbor. Quite a different, and impressive, view of the northern shore of Hong Kong Island; more spectacular I dare say.

We visited the Hong Kong History Museum which gives a rendition of Hong Kong from about 600 million years ago to present; earlier periods in the geological continent forming perspective and then the advent of man about 8,000 years ago. Well done museum, and lots of people in attendance. It did not address the three British 'procurements' of what is now considered 'Hong Kong'. Firstly that of Hong Kong Island, secondly of Kowloon Peninsula, and lastly of the 'New Territories'. All three together are 'Hong Kong', which was returned to China in 1997. It did have a section regarding the 'Opium Wars' but rather minimally addressed

Found a 'Hot Pot' restaurant while meandering on a small street on our way to the museum, and so stopped for lunch. Lidia voted for a 'mild' 'hot pot' & so one was ordered. It comes laden with 60 + chili peppers integrated amongst the other minority ingredients. Fellow patrons were actually eating the peppers whole ! Tums must have quite a business here ? I'm not sure whether Lidia will opt for 'Hot Pot' in the future !?

The history museum did provide an explanation of the phrase 'chop chop', to hurry, or the command "hurry up". Postage stamps were not implemented by the British in Hong Kong early in the 19th century, but instead used 'Round Chop' imprints for postage and customs documents. To process these quickly was to do so 'chop chop'.

It is late & so chop chop to bed bed.

Ciao for now.

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