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Ah- beautiful and organized Delhi. Our hotel was on this street in...

Looking out at the city.

Children playing a game of cricket in a vacant lot.

the ghetto

By this time of night the traffic had died down!

Well, we have been traveling for 9 months and have visited 15 countries, but upon arriving in Delhi we experienced culture shock for the first time! Delhi has a massive population, incredible amounts of traffic and pollution, and a huge percentage of the people are in complete poverty. We arrived late at night and had to work our way through a mob a people offering cab ride, tours, etc. When we finally arrived at our hotel it was too disgusting to actually touch anything (despite the 3 star rating). We slept on top of the sheets, fully clothed and decided to start anew in the morning.

But our arrival was an accurate indication of what really happens here. Everywhere you turn there is a mob of people looking to sell you something, scam you, or whatever. We decided to book a tour to some of India's other attractions and exit the chaos of Delhi. We did pretty well by getting a private car/driver and after just two nights in Delhi we were on our way.

We must note that technology is creeping into this part of the world. There is a section of the city filled with high rise offices for companies like IBM, Microsoft and others; cell phones and internet advertisments are everywhere. But this globalization is only touching a small part of the country now, and many people are still living a very hard life. We didn't get a photo of it, but we saw a very grungy man loading boxes onto the back of a camel right in front of a store that sold cell phones and computers. That is India today!

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