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Nearing Hong Kong

Hong Kong from the plane


Day 1. Brisbane to Hong Kong

19/5/18 Saturday. Sunny, blue sky, 20 degrees.

After much uncertainty with health issues for us both, the day has finally come, and excitement level is rising. It’s been very different from other trips we’ve taken, when we’ve started count-down about 3 months prior and excitement level ‘over the top’. All good now though!

Sandie drove us to the airport, and after a relative hassle-free check-in (Ian had to take shoes and belt off, back through - and his wallet was in his back pocket, so back again - by now his smile was quite forced....but it was his fault!). We’ve now had something to eat, he’s read the paper, happy and he has butterflies.

In Cairns for 1 hour before continuing on to Hong Kong. Low cloud and some light rain. Good flight with lunch served - choice of lamb pie or prawns with rice - neither on my ‘like’ list, but I went for the pie, but it was as cold as... Doesn’t matter, I ate the fresh fruit salad and the cheesecake! We watched Peter Rabbit - what a great movie. Ian said I was laughing so loud everyone could hear me.

Within half an hour of boarding the plane, dinner service began - and it wasn’t even 4pm! Oh well, we ate it anyhow. Ian had beef cheeks and I had chicken. I watched the movie called In Bruges - bad language but persevered seeing as we’re going there. Looking forward to it all the more now. Sudoku kept me busy for a while, a short shut eye, then time for icecream or coffee and preparing to land. It’s hot in Hong Kong - 33 degrees, but we’re not going out of the terminal, so doesn’t matter to us. A very kind American man who quizzed me about Vegemite in Brisbane, was sitting opposite us on the plane, and put our luggage up and down in the overhead locker for us, which we really appreciated. We didn’t want Ian doing it. Looking ahead, I could see beautiful red sunset as we passed north of Manila. When I looked behind me, it was dark - so quickly. We arrived at Hong Kong on time, had showers and are now relaxing waiting to go to Gate 212 for our flight to Munich. There is a train to take us there!

Next stop - Munich.

...we have to work out how to get photos from Google Photos to attach...and also line connecting towns....

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