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Nevada State Museum

Historical Marker - US Mint at Carson City

Prospector Diorama at Museum

Ghost Town Exhibit

Gatling Gun, part of Firearms Exhibit

Double Eagle, $20.00 Gold Coins Minted in Carson City

Liberty Seat Silver Dollar Coins Minted in Carson City

Coin Stamping Machine

Silver Service Set Used on USS Nevada

Silver Pitcher

Battleship USS Nevada 1916-1946

Scales for Weighing Ore at Assay Office

Nevada History

Nevada State Capitol

Bill at the Capitol

We visited downtown Carson City today. All we had time to do was the Nevada State Museum and a quick self-guided tour of the capitol building.

Carson City is the capitol of Nevada. Nevada was added to the Union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864. One of its nicknames is "the Battle Born State" because the it achieved statehood during the Civil War. Another nickname is "the Silver State." Much of Nevada's history is tied to the silver mining industry. With the abundance of silver, Carson City was selected as a location of the US Mint. Of course Nevada is probably known more for its gambling background with the cities of Reno and Las Vegas. One can find slot machines and mini-casinos just about everywhere in the state.

The Nevada State Museum in Carson City is one of seven State Museums operated by Nevada's Department of Tourism. Part of this museum is housed in what was once a part of the United States Mint. Created in 1863 and put into operation in 1870 it operated until 1893 when it ceased operations permanently. It minted coins for 21 years. Mostly Silver coins were minted here, but some gold coins were minted as well. Coins minted here carried the CC mint mark or stamp. Coins struck here are highly sought after by collectors and demand a high price, especially Morgan Dollars. The museum has several sections: Nevada history, a Native American Exhibit (Nevada is home to several Indian Tribes), native animal exhibit, firearms collection, a ghost town and a silver mine (in the basement of the museum).

We did pop in to the Nevada State Capitol. Nice building, but not too extravagant. The sandstone exterior was brought from the quarry at the state prison just outside Carson City. The wainscot lining the interior passageways is Alaskan Marble. The Nevada Supreme Court was in this building. There is an audio presentation of ten of the most significant cases in the Court's history. One case has had two very "significant " events. It was the first case that upheld the use of fingerprint evidence in a criminal trial, and the circumstances was dealing with the last stagecoach robbery in United States History.

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