Fly Down Under & Cruise Back Up - Spring 2018 travel blog

The weather in Seattle was perfect. I heard a man on the phone saying that he had been there three days and had a burn from all the sunshine. Not what you expect in Seattle. However, our flight home was delayed by weather here; large thunderstorms were marching across the midwest and they held us on the ground until it seemed likely that we would be able to land when we finally got here. There was some turbulence, but nothing major so we were surprised when we disembarked and the luggage carousels shut down because of lightening. We waited from 10pm until 11:30 when the suitcases began to arrive. It didn't bother us too much since our bodies are still three time zones west of here, but our poor friend Charlie who agree to pick us up and is an early riser yawned mightily. He will get his revenge when Ken takes him to the airport in a few weeks at dawn.

All is well at home and we look forward to enjoying what has become our summer home for the next few months.

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