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Day 4 - Thursday 10th May

Decided to take it easy today after yesterday’s bike ride. We moved off site in Arromanche & headed West along the coast towards the American Cemetery about 12 miles away in the Omaha beach area. On the way we stopped off to have a look at a German gun battery a couple of miles away on the cliff top. There were four great big concrete gun emplacements which had guarded the coast. Only one of them looked as if it had been damaged by the Allied shelling from the sea.

From there we went on to the cemetery. It is an impressive place & beautifully laid out. We had to go through an X-ray machine to get into the visitors centre before we could wander around the exhibits. It is all so tastefully done & well worth a visit to get a picture of what they suffered in the invasion. After leaving the centre we wandered around the cemetery itself amongst the 9,000+ grave markers all so perfectly aligned. Very moving indeed. We did make it down to the beach itself afterwards but it was so sunny & bright it was impossible to imagine the terrible events that happened here back then.

After a late lunch in the Motorhome we moved on again around the coast to the other American landing area at the Utah beach. They apparently had a bit easier time here but even so it was pretty awful. We had a couple of hours left before the Museum here closed so we took the opportunity to see our third museum in three days. All have been a bit different but all just reinforcing the horror of war.

Our last acts of the day were to find a Lidl’s supermarket, fill the LPG gas bottle & top up the diesel tank on the Motorhome before heading West towards Caen. We finally found a resting place for the night on a supermarket car park aire in a town called Rots about 8.30pm. Watched a bit of “Saving Private Ryan” before retiring just to capture the sense of the invasion. Very realistic I would imagine, truly horrific.

Miles today - 101

Total miles - 549

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