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Day 2 - Tuesday 8th May

Found out in the morning that our car park is right next to the Eurotunnel train terminal. That probably explains the miles of high metal fences all around. There were no signs of immigrants trying to get past the fences so maybe the problem has been controlled.

We did get a knock on the door just after 7am by an English guy who had seen me out having a look around. He was looking to borrow a set of jump leads as his Motorhome battery was flat & he couldn’t start his engine. As he was due to get the Eurotunnel train he needed a jump start to get him going.

Being gentlemen we moved our Motorhome over beside his & using my jump leads we got him going. Hopefully he kept his engine going long enough to charge his battery a bit & get him to the terminal. As we were up & moving we decided to push off & head South to Arromanche along the Normandy coast as planned.

It was a lovely morning & we made good time even though we avoided the faster toll roads. We noticed that there seemed to be lots of caravans & motorhomes on the road & that lots of shops seemed to be shut which was a bit puzzling. We were even more concerned when we got to Arromanche to find the car park full up, & the Motorhome area at the back, full up. Luckily for us a French couple saw us driving around & about to go elsewhere & signalled that they were then leaving so we could have there place. What a relief.

We later found out that today is a French Bank Holiday which explained why all the people, cars & motorhomes were there. Obviously Arromanche is a very popular seaside resort as well as being the central point of the D Day landing beaches. This is where the Allies built an amazing harbour just days after the troops landed at the various beaches either side. The Americans on the Omaha & Utah beaches to the West while the British, French & Canadian forces landed at the Gold, Juno & Sword beaches to the East.

The Mulberry harbour at Arromanche was vital as the soldiers needed huge amounts of vital supplies & munitions in order to maintain there invasion & overcome the Germans. It was an amazing feat of planning & engineering which, despite horrendous weather conditions, undoubtedly contributed enormously to the success os the invasion. The museum on the seafront has a magnificent display which together with the remnants of the Mulberry harbour on the beach outside clearly demonstrates the tremendous importance it had. Truly impressive!

Had my first vegetarian sausages for dinner tonight, thanks to Roger. All was nice & spicy but I doubt he will convert me completely & we certainly won’t be getting married. He has to put up with the make- bed where the dinette is. The table drops down & the side seat extends to make up a three quarter size bed, with the help of various cushions & filler pieces.

Miles today - 252

Total miles - 441

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