Second Time Around travel blog

Some stuff to rearrange

Hawaiian Airlines still serves "included" food and drink. Lots of free Hawaiian music to listen to for free. Too bad we had moderate to unpleasant turbulence most of the five hour flight to Seattle.

The Airporter service dropped us off at 1 AM. Mo was excited to see her kitties. One kitty was glad to see her. The other chose to hide, at least until bedtime.

Now we are unpacking not only our bags, but also the parcels we sent ourselves from overseas. Then there is the challenge of remembering where we stored stuff in the house.

Both cars had dead batteries. A call to USAA resolved it in under an hour. We are typical American car-oriented folks once again.

Now we are calling doctors, my dentist, the auto shop, and others. The usual.

Thank you to all who helped us along the way. It's good to have friends on the road, and friends and family to come home to.

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