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We fly Kona to Honolulu and connect to Seattle tomorrow. Our last booking is with Capital airport shuttle for a late night ride to Olympia.

Our time in Hawaii has been primarily social, catching up with friends.

Some sight seeing has been fun. The volcano for sure has been the highlight.

Some Big Island Notes:

Kona has the best weather and therefore has attracted the most money on the Big Island. Many locked gates: gated houses, estates, and developments.

Hilo is scruffy, a little tough, and a little depressing. Try Ken's Pancake House. We passed on the tripe and other local favorites, but the pancakes were good.

Vendors in the Hilo farmers market were selling produce from China. I suppose cruise ship tourists don't know the difference.

Fresh water is an issue. North Kona is asking households to use 10% less water. When the Ironman comes to town, it brings its own water with it.

Hawaii Highway 200 was once one of the worst roads on the island. It's now the best.

The area around South Point is reputed to have the USA's highest concentration of people in witness protection programs. Many unpermitted plywood houses there, some off the grid with rain water collection for drinking, cess pools for sewage, and funky solar systems for electricity.

It's said the area also has lots of marijuana cultivation and UFO sightings - which may or may not be related.

Another rumor is that the Kona police seize marijuana then resell it on the black market.

The island's landscapes are varied and beautiful, from lush rain forest to cactus -filled plains.

Most beaches are rocky black volcanic rock. If you want miles-long white sand beaches, go to Australia.

I've spent my free time doing nothing. Mo went canoeing.

My family lived on Oahu for three or so years back in the late 50s. We didn't get to the Big Island. As a Navy brat, I did my share of swimming, inner tubing, and even snorkeling. Lots of incredible sun burns, sand in my underwear, and scary moments in the surf. Beaches don't call to me.

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