Fly Down Under & Cruise Back Up - Spring 2018 travel blog


A passion for RV'ing brought us together with Al and Sue and we spent the morning touring their new rig and taking a ride. Ken photographed it with his drone, even though technically we were in a "no fly" area a bit too close to the Air Force Base. However, he hardly flew higher than the palm trees and I doubt even his neighbors noticed. Our test drive also took us to a nearby a spacious campground which had some sites large enough even for a rig like ours. However, there appear to be no sewered sites in Australia, which makes that part of the operation a bit less convenient and pleasant.

Soon it was time to pack that suitcase yet again and head back to Sydney. Expressway led us to the outskirts of town and then the drive got really challenging during rush hour. In a big city with many water inlets, roads do not go straight and there were many lane changes with decisions to make whether to take the tunnel or that famous bridge into town. Since Al and Sue do not live here, there were frequent consultations with the GPS until things suddenly looked familiar and we were back at the hotel where we left our suitcase of cruise clothes a few weeks ago.

We joined our travel group for the final time with a debrief where we all talked about the highlights and lowlights of the trip. For me seeing Uluru, Tasmania and the animals were things I'll never forget. Ken really enjoyed our Barrier Reef visit since he had low expectations from our previous stops here and had such a great photographic experience this time. Over all, the pace of the trip was a lowlight. We never were finished experiencing any of our stops and always wished to linger. OAT puts us in gorgeous hotels, much nicer than we would afford ourselves. There were some amazing pools and beaches that went unvisited and that was a bummer. However, if the trip were longer it would have been more expensive and most people do not enjoy being away from home as much as we do. Our farewell dinner was a feast overlooking Darling Harbor. The harbor is lined with skyscrapers, whose lights sparkled in the water. When it comes to beauty, Sydney has few competitors.

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