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Last Sunset in Darwin

The bag

I'm not much of a souvenir buyer. I enjoy getting something to replace a worn or lost item, or buying a necessity.

If I do buy something to remind me of a trip or place, it's usually a practical item I'd use at home.

In Morocco, it was socks. In Greece, a hat. In Thailand, a cooler hat and sandals.

In Australia, I learned there are a handful of companies that manufacture watches.

I love watches. They are the only jewelry I wear. (My wedding band does not count as jewelry: it's more than mere jewelry.)

I did Internet research and found an Australian watch brand I could afford. Adina.

After several attempts, the first Adina retailer I found was in of all places Alice Springs.

I am now the happy owner of an Adina Country Master work watch. It will join my modest little collection including my Tissot sport watch bought in Munich, and my Titan dress watch from Delhi.

While on Lady Elliot Island, I discovered my travel shaving bag had several holes in it. Opportunity for a souvenir, I thought.

The only suitable replacement item I could find in the Island resort's tiny gift shop was a child's zip bag featuring "Lady Elliot Island" and a cartoon shark on one side, and the motto "Here comes trouble" on the other.

Close enough. It's working.

I thought I might give the bag to my grandson when I get home, but he's not trouble. Neither is my granddaughter.

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