Tour de Cowra 2018 travel blog

Visit to the Rose Garden before today’s ride







On the road for the ‘house group’ ride

Tom stops to admire the view

A little treasure trove seen along the way in the middle of...

Jim, Tom and Leanne approach the turn back to Cowra

Almost there


Hi five to Liz and Ian’s dog


Time for a big breakfast back at the cafe after the ride

Seen outside the cafe

Our ride route

I’ve made off with the eater chocolate

A trip to the Cowra Peace Bell

Dinner at the Imperial Hotel

Moths love our housesign

Jim and Tom discuss argon

Pinemount Loop with the house group - those left!!

Distance : 56km

Elevation gain : 530m

Punctures : 1

Did our traditional house group ride today along the standard day 4 course.

Sandy and Ian left early as did Gracia and David leaving the group ride to Goran, Jim, Leanne, Tom and me Robert and Ian M also joined us.

Weather was somewhat cooler with a few clouds.

I managed to get a flat in the final 500m back to the house. Oh dear!!

Had a lovely afternoon with my friends Helen and Rob who supplied a picnic afternoon tea in the park and we caught up on 12 myths of news!

Dinner this evening was at the Imperial Hotel for the 6 of us left in the house.

Returned to the house for a nightcap and a few more discussions!!

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