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Its now been so long since we were in Darwin that i know this journal entry will not reflect what a truely fantabulous time we had there. I will try my very best though to remember events as they happened.......

We started out in Darwin still in our wicked van at the Gecko lodge in a car park - yes guys we were living it up car park stylee!!!! Gecko lodge is by far the most laid back backpackers in Darwin with pancakes for breakkie everyday we continue to pile on the pounds - well i do PT is still as skinny as ever.

With our lovely Dutch neighbours Sander and Wendy we spent the 1st week getting drunk on goon, getting to know Darwin and searching for jobs.

Darwin beaches live a lot to be desired, however the place has a cool vibe and waas made for backpackers! With an avarage temp of 35degrees and 80degrees humidity in September one really can start to believe that there in Australia.

Living out the Australian Dream started by us working for Coles supermarket, we basically took down one side of the store and moved it to the other for 7 days straight - yes we've finally made it in life we've renovated a supermarket while its been open - hehehe:)

My favourite day would have to have been when we spent all day on the chocolate section - well girls will be girls i guess!!! The days were spent pushing trolleys around Coles and the nights involved drinking our local liqour store out of goon yes it was truely wonderful times:)

At the end of the week we waved goodbye to our Wicked van and for those of you who know us well it will not suprise you that we left cleaning the van until the last minute and as such were late droping it off!! After driving around arguing over whos fault it was (of course it was Pauls hehehe) while we tried to find the depo in the middle of nowhere when we did finally get there they didn't even check the van over!!!!

We moved into Elkes backpackers for a week of sharing with 4 other boys - well i'm not stupid am i! The room was truely classy with no lock on the door and full blast air con 24 hours a day!!!! While the week was oddles of fun sharing the room with so many boys became a bit much for me to cope with so we decided to try and get our own place:)

Shenannigans the Irish pub recommended to us by our friends in Denim and managed by the legend Ditch became the place we went out to drink all the time. This cool funky irish pub with live music every night serves the best pub food in the NT and really is excellant fun at $8 a jug of beer one really didn't complain. The unlimited selections on the computer juke box meant we got to liven up the crowds from there cheesey mambey pambey trance and listened to Tiesto for the 1st time since we'd been away - anything to keep Stu yid boy happy - hehehe:)

We bumped into the lads from Pemberton - Kiwi Roger, Luke & Trevor - who were now working in Discovery the largest night club on the west coast of Aus. A cool venue but lets just say the Ministry of sound night there with Kid Kenobi left a lot to be desired (god we are such club snobs hehehe). We did have a fab night at the lost arc which is attached to the club, they do free corona nights every thurday for an hour - clearly not a good idea where greedy back packers are concerend as the pics demonstrate.

Moving into the Melrose lodge was awesome for a number of reasons. Firstly we got to share our own room for hardly any money at all as i pretended to be Pauls bit of fluff so we only payed for a single room. Secondly, we were opposite the Gecko which we spent a lot of time in anyways (what cna i say we love car parks) and its also where we saw England win the ashes - well i had to get it in somewhere!!! Last but not least all the guys livng there and Gecko I can't say enough fab things about and we do not want to enduce any vomiting reactions to our website so i'll just leave it there.

One of the star attracitons in Darwin is Mindil Beach Market and for good reason we went there most Thursdays. With cool food stalls, great clothes and wierd and wonderful music we got to watch a group called Eme Den (we hope thats right my memory is fadin in my old age) which is 3 guys, one on drums one on guitar and one on 4 didgeridoos playing fast dancey trancey music. All of our clubbing buddies this is so so mad and good and would be a friday night spectacular at the fridge.

Over the last 2 weeks i was jobless so my lovely bag had to bring in the dollar, sweating and slaving in ridiculous humidity over Britz camper vans so we could eat ahhhhhhhhhhh bless him!!!!! I worked really hard at getting a tan on Mindil beach which is like a clay pitt with crocs swimming off shore so you can imagine how much reading i got done. I still miss meeting Fritzi at the Melaleuca (poshest hostle in Aus so far) for afternoons of sun bathing in swimming pools - it was a hard life but someone had to do it!

Big shout outs must go out to all of the following fabulous peeps that we met in Darwin and that we had heaps of fun with, Wendy, Sander, Fritzi, Matt, Nesta, Ben, Mark, Robert, William, Luke, Trevor and Kiwi Roger.

Matt (huge Cowboys fan) is by far going down in history for being a complete LEG-END and causing one of the funniest moments of our lives. Prior to the Cowboys v Tigers NFL final on out last weekend in the territory and much drinking at our favourite irish pub he proceeded to run and full on rugby tackle a hedge shouting 'this is what the cowboys are going to do to the tigers tomorrow'...........the photo attached doesn't capture it as well as it should but it was hilarious and enduced aobut half an hours hysteria.

Our last weekend we were drunk i think its far to say for the entire weekend and this well represented what we got up to in Darwin. We met some great firends, we drank far too much crap wine, we sweated constantly and we bounce danced outrageously in an irish pub whenever possible, nothing changes i hear you say.

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