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Our last day on the road we visited the territory wildlife park and dropped into Berry Springs in the afternoon which is next door for a swim. The wildlife park was good fun but after one of the most tiring weeks in history we were forced to ride the train around most of it as our little legs were shattered from all the walking. You name an Aussie animal well we saw it today, Wallabies, Kanageroos, Scary Snakes, Spiders and Sharks, they even have a very large Croc which to be honest we didn't really agree with! There are enough birds and bats in this park but after 4 weeks on the road sleeping next to every bird and bat going i'm not sure if we apreciated this section as much as we could have.

For lunch we thought we'd treat ourselves to the Rainbow cafe in Berry Springs, thinking it would be a large cafe with a delicious menu. Little did we know it would be a tiny stall with an old angry lady with the worst customer service skills in the world, we should have stuck to our noodels we know. We wandered around Berry Springs but it was so busy that we didn't stay too long, you really need to go here in the week to enjoy it properly.

That night we drove to Darwin finally and stayed at Shadey Glen camp site, around 10k outside of Darwin. We checked our speedo and it showed we had driven 7300k since we picked up our wicked van in the pouring rain in Perth, with the temp going from 15degrees to 35degrees. I can honestly say (sounding totally cheesey i know) that we have loved every single moment of the trip and that these parts of Australia really do have something for everyone!

Yippee - i've finished it - drum roll please.....................:)

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