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Croc George

Starting to play for a Feed

Anna the Croc

Good Jump Anna

Bit Scared Lou with 4000 beneath ya?

Check out the eyes!

He looks a bit Agro!

Agro the Croc

T-bag Bailey at his best:)

Just abit hungry there?

Feeding Time take 1

Feeding time take 2

Adelaide River

Feeding the Birds

Action Pose

Jumping Tbag

Humpty Doo:)

Wangi Falls - Litchfield

Wangi Falls - Litchfield take 2

Postcard Pics

Postcard Wangi Falls

Rainforest Wangi Walk

Tree house to the top

The View Over Litchfield Park

No Fear Tourist Tbag:)

A Shady Glen

Morning walk up a stream

Morning walk up a stream - take 2

bit wet Lou??

The only way is up

Hidden pools on a postcard

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Gorge

At the top of the Gorge

Pretty Up Stream

Action Pose

Florence Falls

We swam under that:)

Aerial View

Tbag in a rock Pool

Walter Creek

Lou Over Litchfield

Another picturesque stream

Tbag my lovely tourist:)

Florence Falls

Florence Falls - Take 2

From above

Paulie in the pool:)

Sliding down the waterfall

This day has to go down as one of the best days ever and were not exaggerating:) We (as always while on the road) got up early and drove down to Adelaide River to buy our tickets for 'The Original Jumping Crocodile Cruise', they cost us around $35 each for 90minutes but they were 100% worth every dollar!

We left on the 0900am boat with a fully girl cruise of 3, crocodile dundee move aside please:) The 1st crocs name was George and we proceeded to meet and learn about up to around 30 large salty male and female crocodiles, the cruise had non stop commentary and crocs literally surrounded the boat whenever the motor was turned off. This particular company has been on Adelaide river for 20 years and have built relationships with the crocs they feed, feeding is controlled and no one croc is fed more than once every few days, as crocs are territorial and they have up to 4000 to choose from in adelaide river alone, it is possible to regulate feeding. The largest male just over 6m called Agro has up to 45 female girlfriends within his territory - quite a site as he floats next to you practically in touching distance. Crocs are opportunist feeders so the thing to learn while your in the Northern Territory is don't go swimming, diving or paddle anywhere that there is water. Unfortunately while the tourists are able to understand these simple rules the locals seem incapable of realising that if you go into these amazing creatures homes you will get eaten, there has been 5 deaths from croc attacks in the last 2 weeks that we have been in Darwin - the sad thing is that then a ranger is forced to go out and kill the croc they suspect to be the culprit which really is well our of order! While there are cheaper imitiaitons of this trip available this company is by far the best one to go with and i can honestly say that this was the best tourist type thing we have ever done.

After our cruise we drove to Litchfield National Park for 2 days of serious fun in the sun. Litchfield is not as unique as Kakadu but it is the one place that it is mainly safe to swim, consisting of a number of waterpools and rock pools. We stayed the 1st night at Wangi Falls and treated ourselves to a real camp site as we were nearing the end of our trip. Here we meet some lovely Aussie and Kiwi couples who we of course got drunk with that night and talked cricket - this country really is obsessed with cricket and Aussie Rules there really is no hope for them hehehehehe:)

The next day we zoomed around the rest of the park, Tolmer Falls, Florence Falls (take 2) Rock pools, Termite Mounds and the wetlands bird watching area. tehn Florence pool has to be the largest woith a wicked waterfall which you cna swim under and hold onto the rock for dear life. Those more adventurous were climbing up the cliff face and back flipping into the water, Tbag considered it until he saw the big hazard -falling rocks sign. That night we spent the night at this fab camp ground with its own pet fresh water crocs and open air deck chair cinema - National Treasure under the stars with some fine wine really is quite a good movie:)

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