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enjoying the business class lounge

a peaceful perch

The trip to O'Hare went smoothly in our ugly little orange rental car. Since we are flying business class on this leg of the trip we came early so we could enjoy the lounge and early dinner #1. The scallops were to die for and the cookies were like none we've ever had. We watched the cloud bank containing the forecast snow storm approach, but took off in sunshine.

After about an hour of flying we were served dinner #2. There's something about being served hot nuts that gives me an irrational thrill. If I want hot nuts, I can microwave them any time, but they were served in a fancy bowl on white linen. It is so easy to get used to being a first class person (actually Business Class). Now I am writing from the lounge in Los Angeles where we are waiting for the continuing flight to Fiji. Having a comfortable, quiet place to sit with electric outlets readily available is an airport treat. I am not in the least bit hungry and haven't looked at the food so far. Lots of folks are swilling booze and wine around me. (not Ken) Maybe I'll just skip dinner #3. #4 should be served about 2am body time. May not feel like eating then either - unless it's scallops.

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