2018 Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

Puerto Quetzal port area

Puerto Quetzel port area

Jan 18

We were late getting in to Puerto Quetzal Guatemala today. Puerto Quetzal is named after Guatemala’s national bird, the resplendent quetzal. The word comes from the Nahuatl “quetzalli”, meaning large, brilliant tail feather. Last night's winds slowed us down a lot. There is not much in the port area. There was a small area with souvenir shops and restaurants (as there is a marina right there too). It was mostly under a canopy of trees so you could barely tell anything was there. As we walked through, we were bombarded with the local people trying to sell us things. It was horrible. I've never seen it so bad. We just hurried through. We did not do any excursion, as nothing sounded interesting. We did stop and get a $4 beer, which allowed us to use the wifi. The weather was perfect so it was nice sitting there. I was anxious to have wifi, as there was a time change and my fitbit would not update. It did some updating, but still the time did not update. It was still nice to check in with the technological world for just a bit. We spent some time ar the pool and in the hot tub after returning to the ship. For dinner tonite, I tried the BBQ Wild Boar, which tasted like pork. I've also sampled falafel (not bad) and souvlaki (pretty good - think I've had it before) and tofu (not so great). Entertainment tonight was juggler, Marcus Monroe. He was quite good.

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