2018 Panama Canal Cruise travel blog

Rough seas

Jan 17

Sea day today on our way toward Guatemala. Went to the gym this morning. Jim and I played in a bean bag toss tournament but lost in the first round.

The captain announced the temperature was 86 on shore and 84 on the ship. This afternoon it was a lot of fun in the pool. With the boat rocking, the pool was like a wave pool with the water sloshing around. There were a couple of kids having fun, but the adults were enjoying it just as much. Shortly after I got out of the pool, they closed the pools for safety. We watched Ventriloquist Michael Paul this evening. He was very good.

The winds were very loud, boat rocking, and banging/jerking at times. Around 4:30 pm, the information on our tv said 80 mph apparent and 66 mph actual winds. I'm not sure what the difference is. There were 20 foot waves. Captain expected the high winds to last for 12 hrs from around 4:30. By 8:30 am winds were 99 apparent, and 91 mph actual.

By 11 or a little later they came down a little but were still awful when i finally fell asleep. The captain turned the boat toward shore to try to steer out of it. The next day, they said the winds got up to 103 mph.

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