2018 Winter travel blog

I have been lax on the updated because on Tuesday I needed to take Candy to the local hospital. She developed a numbness on the left side of her mouth and her speech was slurred. We got to the ER and they rushed her in because they thought that she was having a stroke. Thank God she wasn’t but they wanted to run test to find out what was causing this issue, which was a good idea. She was moved from ER to the ICU unit so the tests could be performed and they could watch her closely. They done a MRI of her brain and found a small bleed in the area of the brain that was controlled this part of her face. That kept her in the ICU so they could do another test the next day to see if it was getting bigger or not. After the second MRI it was not getting any larger but they still wanted to monitor her more to make sure it didn’t start again. As you know once the tests start they always find more items that are not the normal. The test showed a spot next to her left eye but we already knew about that since the doctors at home discovered it a few months ago and it was an old injury she had that healed itself with a calcium build up on the bone, and it is nothing to be concerned about but it was not the norm these doctors. Thursday was a rough day for her because they put her on some drug that made her sick and all she could do was sleep. They wanted to release her but she would need to go to a rehab hospital to get better. Told them we would wait until the next day to make that call. Friday she was back to normal, like she said it was like a wave went over her at night and everything was gone. She got released and everything is fine. We are getting all the records so we can follow up with our doctors when we get home, but she seem to be fine now. After we left the hospital we went to fill a scribe they wanted her on and stopped and had lunch at the IHOP. She is doing very well now. We have decided to stay for another week where we are at in the campground just to make sure it is over with. We will leave next weekend for Lake Havasu City to a couple of days.

The Phoenix North RV Park we are staying at has been super. We were going to stay just for one week and leave today but because of the hospital I explained I didn’t know when Candy was going to get out and they said don’t worry about it, they just extended us for another week. They needed to do some changes but we didn’t need to move.

We did go over to the University of Phoenix where a RV show was going on. There must have been over 100 RV’s but we did not find one we liked.

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