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A very warm welcome

As we woke in the morning we were pleasantly surprised that the flight was not too bad and we only had a few hours left before landing. They served us a dodgy breakfast with an omelette and fruit as the only tasteful bits to eat.

Then touchdown in Amsterdam and a three hour wait for the flight to Norwich. The time went pretty quickly and soon we were making our way to the plane and the short trip home. On the plane there were two young children who were so well behaved and made us realise that Britain is the place to be for all of the right reasons.

Once on the ground we had to queue for the one customs guy to check our details and welcome us back to the UK after just over four weeks. A long time indeed but a thoroughly enjoyable time.

We waited for our bags and the black one came though but there was no sign of the big blue one. The the conveyor stopped and the chap said that was all the luggage they had. We then queued up to report it and ended up at the back of another queue as there were about six lots of people that did not have their luggage. We called Trevor to tell him we were here but delayed and then filled in the paperwork. My phone bleeped with a text message from KLM to tell me my luggage had not made it to Norwich and that they knew where it was. Good news at one level but no idea when we would see it.

So we went through customs and then we had a greta surprise as Trevor had a sign for us and Alec was there with Claire on FaceTime. Plus a Guinea Pig accusing us of eating its family. Two more of our friends were there so we had a good idea who was dressed as the Guinea Pig. Such welcome sights and a greta way to finish our holiday.

We had such a lovely time and so many memories. A long time away from home but it was such fun. Not sure if we would do it again but I guess we probably will.

Footnote: The luggage got onto a late flight into Norwich the next day and a chap in a hoodie turned up at midnight on Sunday to give it back. Good that they wanted to get it to us asap but midnight!

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