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Lava lizard

More crabs

Lava flow

First sign of life

Pinnacle rock

View across the bay to our boat

Happy holiday makers

Well, what can I say. We are having a ball. The ship is fantastic with a great crew. Food is lovely and we are doing things that I would not have believed possible.

Today we got up early and went for a walk to the top of the nearest mountain which is part of a collapsed volcano. Really impressive looking at the lava and the sparse vegetation. The marine iguanas have moved in as well as the red and blue crabs. So lovely to see them and you can get so close.

Back to the boat to get changed and more sun tan cream (hope it is not too cold in the UK!) then into the pangas (zodiac inflatables to you and me) and off to the beach where we got off the boat and then put on our wet suits and snorkelling gear and walked into the water. We saw so many fish and I took my go pro video camera so have loads of video. We saw sharks, rays and all manner of different fish. I will get video of this on the website once we can get to a decent connection.

I lost Irene in the water and Bob saw loads of different things and was calling me over. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear him as my head was under the water so missed the fish. He grabbed the foot of someone, thinking it was me, and had to apologise to one of the American students. Once we had finished we dried off and then went back to the boat for a traditional Ecuadorian lunch. Very nice with a whole piglet cooked and presented for us to try.

After lunch we went snorkelling again and then a walk across a lava field that was laid down only 120 years ago. It was amazing and such a different type of surface to walk on. Very speaking and great fun.

After this we made our way back to the boat to get cleaned up and ready for the evening meal. Again great food and we were joined by another Bob and his wife Claire. Bob is a retired GP who is captain of a golf club in Kent. Sounds like a new friend for life.

We were chatting away and the guides announced that there was a star gazing lecture at the front of the boat. We wandered up and sat in the bar waiting for it to start. About 20mins later a load of people came from outside as the lecture had been going ahead and we had missed it. As there were so many disappointed people they held it again and the clouds had moved away and we had a fantastic show.

After this Irene and I looked over the side of the ship and saw a really large shark cruising past. Then we heard a great buss and loads of something’s were swimming past at such a rate. You could see the bubbles left in their wake but could not make them out. One of the other people on the ship happened to be a serious fisherman. He thought that they were porpoises but we could not see them to confirm. Hopefully tomorrow night might give another display for us to see.

Unfortunately our time is drawing to a close but so many memories.

Two days left and then we will be making our way home. 𿘢

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