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The ferryman comes to collect us to take us to Santa Cruz.

Who's a big boy then!

Don't look behind you.

Our group being shown around

Time for a drink at the bar

These ones have drunk too much

Off for an evening stroll

Getting ready for bath time

Feeding the birds or rather..... We did not eat the fruit!

Monday morning and we have another early start. Arrived at the airport for 9 to meet our new guide and receive the paperwork.

Diego and Faust waved us goodbye after sorting out some pushy tourists who were trying to get their luggage on the scales before us! Diego has a new found confidence after sorting the restaurant staff out last night.

The other thing we discovered is that Galápagos is an hour behind Ecuador so the flight seemed quick although it was still an hour and a half. When we arrived it was so hot and barren. As we had left our cold clothes in Guayaquil it was a welcome sight although it was over 80 degrees.

Lots of waiting around as they sorted out cases to go to the various boats and all the groups of people to their first stop.

Off we went in a terrible looking bus that must have been here since the 1950’s. But our reward was to go to see the tortoises. We turned off of the main road and drove down a dirt track. Along the road at various intervals we had to pass tortoises that were wandering around looking for water. It was amazing and I didn’t realise there would be so many. We arrived at the farm place and in all of the grass areas there were giant tortoises. Our guide showed us round and explained how they were breeding them and hopefully saving them for future generations. Really great although they then told us this would only time we see them on our trip. Shame as they were wonderful and I thought they would be the only thing I would be interested in. Never mind I am sure there will be more to see. After we left the tortoises we drove to the port and then got on the inflatables to go to our new home for the next few days - La Pinta.

It isn’t a small boat that has 48 people on board and it bobs around a lot. Trevor would love it!

Also we found that it is really noisy so sleeping is going to be a problem.

We had the obligatory safety briefing and signed all disclaimers so that no one is responsible for anything.

After this we had the briefing and welcome drink with the captain and off for our first meal.

It was really good and a bottle of red wine helped the proceedings go well.

Then it was off to bed as we are getting up at 5:30 tomorrow for our first taste of scuba diving.

The internet seems to be not too bad so hopefully I will get a few photos loaded as well.

See you soon.

D & I x

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