Fly Down Under & Cruise Back Up - Spring 2018 travel blog

Seattle harbor

the last supper

waiters singing good-by

Our fellow Aussie passengers could get a mistaken impression of Seattle weather. As we threw open our drapes we saw bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine. In one direction the mirage that is Mt. Rainier loomed and in the other direction the snow covered mountains of the Olympic peninsula were easy to see.

RCL handled the last few precious minutes on board as well as they handled the rest of the cruise. Breakfast was not the madhouse we have experienced on some last cruise days. There was still plenty of smoked salmon left for that final bagel and the bananas were still fresh and delicious. How did they do it after so many days at sea? When we entered the baggage hall and looked for our bags in aisle 20, which was the number we were given. We finally found them in aisle 30; everything can't be perfect. It always feels a bit sad on the last day of a cruise, but we still had fun to look forward to.

New friends Wally and Wendy who we had met in Tucson last winter live nearby. Our arrival gave them an excuse to come to the big city and while others stood in long queues waiting for taxis, they pulled up and whisked us away from the port. We spent a delightful morning at the Pike Place Market, which has a new wing we have not seen before. All the beautiful fruits and vegetables and fresh fish almost put me in the proper mood to start cooking again when we get home. After two months away I may have forgotten how. It was great to have a really good cup of American coffee. We chatted and caught up with each other until it was time to go to the airport.

We continue to love Southwest Airlines. We checked ourselves in and tagged our bags and zoomed through the security lines without having to take anything out of our bags. It's great to have pre-check.

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