Fly Down Under & Cruise Back Up - Spring 2018 travel blog

We've been working hard putting away all the big piles of stuff we took out of the motor home after living there for six months and making small piles for the adventure that beings today. After having the freedom to travel with a condensed version of our house, it is a challenge to decide what to bring. We need to stop planning trips that travel through multiple climate zones. After today's stopover in Las Angeles, we will fly on to Fiji, where it surely be hot and humid. When we fly to Australia, the first week will be spent in Tasmania, an island south of the rest of the country. Its proximity to Antartica means cool temps and rain. Then we will work our way north again to the Barrier Reef where it will also be hot and humid. On the cruise we will need to up the clothing ante a bit. And after the stop in Hawaii, the temperatures will cool drastically as we sail to Seattle. I need one of everything!

We are keeping an eye on the snow storm that is supposed to arrive here this evening. Fingers crossed that we will have taken off before it arrives. In Los Angeles copious amounts of rain have fallen in the last two days and the poor folks that suffered fires a few months ago are dealing with mud slides once again. Rain would rarely impact flights out of Chicago for more than an hour, but we've learned that in sunny places, rain can devastate transportation where people are not accustomed to it. And experience has taught us that you also have to pay attention to where your plane is coming from. The east coast is socked in with the fourth northeaster. We think our plane is coming from Washington, D.C. Too much to worry about.

If we can't corral a friend to take us to the airport, we alternate between limos and renting a car and driving ourselves. We live near a very small airport that sometimes has deals if it has too many cars on site. This time the rental car was the cheaper choice and a very ugly orange car with New Jersey plates will be the chariot that takes us to O'Hare.

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