2018 Winter travel blog

Candy and Earp's

Candy with Viigilantes

Candy with Festus the mule

Candy does like Festus

Indian Youth

Indian Youth doing Cirle of Friends dane

Candy with friends

LIttle Cowboy


Butterfield Stage

Lady in Dress

I think I am starting to understand why we enjoy our visits to Tombstone. This is a place that is out of the main stream of the everyday grind of life. We come here with people from all over the world but there are not the world problems. You don’t hear conversations about the events going on everywhere else, just people enjoying walking in the past with all the people living in the 1800’s laughing and having pictures taken with the reenactors of the past. There is so much to learn about the history of our country as the west was settled by the courageous soles that just wanted a better life. Adults dress for the past and the little guys do the same.

As we walk the streets some of the local Indian youth are preforming some of the native dances. Candy had here picture taken with the Tombstone Vigilantes and the Earp family with Doc Holiday. A couple of cowpokes were in town on their trusty mules instead of horses. Learned a lot about the use of mules in the old west. Most of the stagecoaches were pulled by mules because they are stronger for pulling and are smarter then horses so they would follow commands. We did take a ride of and original 1850’s stagecoach that had been restored. There isn’t much room inside but the Butterfield line was started to carry mail first and at a later time started to take passengers. It was a nice tour of the town. It is fun to walk around town and talk with all the different people and here where they are from.

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