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Dawn at Angkor Wat


Frieze at Angkor Tom

Angkor Wat

Tree invasion - We did not see Angelina


We really did have a sensational day. Alarm at 4:30 and departure from the hotel at 5 o’clock with a tu tuk and a guide and with Neil and Olivia Donnan with us in another tuk tuk.

Long walk in the dark.

Seated by the moat looking east

Angkor Wat coming Into view



Tour of Angkor Wat

Other temples


Angkor Tom - friezes illustrating life and battles - the best of all

Return to hotel in tuk tuk

Cleaned some more dust from the interior of the car

Fetched the laundry - 3 5 dollars for 2.5 kilos including ironing

Temple dinner

Dancing interludes

Candles everywhere

Ice statues

Angela and Paul came too

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