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Sun temple

Calendar temple

Three gates


Staggering Views

End of the rooms


Down by the river

Bedroom in suite

Testing out the sauna fully clothed

The four hours we spent wandering around the site, each area had a specific purpose such as a skill workshop, observation bay and or many significant time pieces such as the sun temple which on Decmember or June 21st would be lit up by the early morning sunrise on the days and glow out to all parts. Or each of the surrounding 6 mountain tops and their respective gullets would align to create the calendar for the year, just like the knuckles on your hand. When the sunrise for each month would align to these mountains. It seemed everything was pre designed and built with the required alignments .

We were enchanted along with all this learning our guide Eddie showed us how to us pan function on our mobile phones, which enabled a photograph of us and the surrounding landscapes to be captured in one shot like a panarama. We had endless fun creating double takes by running around and getting on the beginning and ending of photographs. Unfortunately they are approx 20Mg each and cannot be emailed BUT will be available for my presentation day for which I am sure you will be pleased to attend!!!!!!!

We had a wonderfully memorable experience far more than I could have dared to dream for, the weather in fact became so hot, I nearly burnt my head again.

Following further viewing by ourselves we descended from on high down to the village where we were presented with a 3 course buffet before booking into our hotel.

Now I am sure you remember that the hotel was the last out of the village and on the railway track, well not literally but it was almost. The Inkaterra hotel is an eco hotel with extensive land surrounding the buildings extending up into the mountains. Dave and Irene got the priveldged suite overlooking the river but had the rail track just below their bedroom. We on the other hand had the view of the mountain face but no track.

Stupidly and possible after a few Pisco sours we decided that we would try the suana which was a small round hut covered with euchalyptus branches and a had a central hot stone oven. It stood about 1m off the ground.

Now we had no costumes but borrowed some paper boxers for the boys along with the g string knickers and paper bra size 32aa for the girls to hide some of the embarrassment. I know not much hiding with g string and bra, so the girls donned the boxers as well. Now after 45 minutes in sauna with wet T shirts and paper underwear there was not much left to be embarrassed about, but another experience none the less.

After a meal in the hotel resturant we headed back to our suites for a nights sleep or at least that was what we thought, see next chapter for further details.

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