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Killer Bee Honey


An interesting fact we discovered today talking with a lady at the Killer Bee Honey shop. In 1877, the city of Tombstone was founded by Ed Schieffelin. At the time, there was a scouting voyage in Tombstone against the Chiricahua Apaches. Ed was part of this mission and was staying at a place called Camp Huachuca. During his stay, he would leave the camp to look for rocks within the wilderness despite the fact that fellow soldiers at his camp warned him not to. The soldiers told him that he wouldn’t find stones out in the wilderness and would only eventually find his own tombstone. Fortunately, for Ed, he did not find his tombstone, but he did find something: silver. Taking the advice his fellow soldiers gave him, his very first mine was named The Tombstone.

Word quickly spread about his silver strike. It wasn’t long before homesteaders, cowboys, speculators, prospectors, lawyers, business people and gunmen headed to the area. Known as Goose Glats back then, a town site was situated near the mines in 1879 and was named Tombstone due to the first claim of silver mining by Ed.

It is amazing that most of the people here are transplants from other states. Very few people are from Tombstone originally. The person that owns the Killer Bee Honey store is from Monroe Michigan and the gentleman at the tourist information booth is from Bucyrus Ohio. One of the gunman is from Ft. Wayne Indiana. All of them just wanted out of the winter weather

That was what our day was all about, just talking with people here and strolling the streets of Tombstone, The town to tough to die.

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