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Nighty Nighty Kakadu

Blair Witch Take 1

Blair Witch Take 2

Blair Witch Take 3 with the hat

Blair Witch Take 4 Goonie Stylee

Blair Witch Take 5

Blair Witch Take 6

Fire Starter

Gagudju River Walk

Spot the croc??

Beware of Crocodiles

Bit tired lou??

Mount Cahill Look Out

Kakadu National Park

Top of the hill Tbag??

Nourlangie Rock

Nourlangie Look Out

Now is that sensible clothing Lou??

Aboriginal Art Work - take 1

Aboriginal Art Work - take 2

Nourlangie Rock Walk

Aboriginal Art Work

Nourlangie Rock Walk - Take 2

Aboriginal Art Work - Take 2

Aboriginal Art Work Take 3

Explantion of pic above

More pictures

Nourlangie Rock Walk - Take 3

Storm Over Kakadu

Walkway to Nourlangie

Nourlangie Look Out Walk take 1

Nourlangie Look Out Walk take 2

How small are you lou??

Postcard Pics


Thank heaven for the ladder

Postcard Pics

Mount Brockman

Mount Brockman - Take 1

Dino Footprint???

Postcard pics

Ahhhhhhh bless

Tbag the tourist:)


Ubirr Viewpiont

Ubirr pre sunset


Postcard Ubirr


Sunset over Kakadu

Sunset Over Ubirr

Sunset Over Ubirr

Serious Danger!!

Tropical Rainforest

Paul admist theRainforest

Lou admist theRainforest

South Alligator River

hmmmm fancy a dip

hmmmm fancy a dip take 2

he's watching you:)

Cahills Crossing - fishing infront of the aslty

One for Fleur

Fancy being on that boat not:)

Tbag on our rock walk

Tbag on our rock walk - take 2

Bat Caves

End of the walk


Bye Bye Lou

Check out those bats#

We arrived in Kakadu in time to reach one of the only free rest areas there - lucky things that we are:) Our surroundings after the sun went down reminded us of the blair witch project and the knowledge that you are sleeping in one of the most croc inhabited places in the world tends to add to the ever growing fear of being eaten alive! Its amazing how SouthGria - cheap red wine and coke can alleviate this fear.

Our neighbours invited us to join a party of Aussies who were also getting drunk around a fire and we luckily got the low down on what to do and what not to do in the area - this info so sorted our week plans for us so a big thank you has to go out to these mad aussies travellers who made our kakadu experience a breeze to organise.

We rose far too early the next day and went to our 1st nice and easy walk around Gagudju camp rounds - the walk went a tad to close to the river if you ask me

We moved onto Nourlangie Rock where you can see aboriginal art work that is up to 5000 years old, the art marks their homes which were usually areas where they could find some shelter from the sun in the cliff face. After a 2 hour walk up one side of the rock and down the other we had lunch around cahill billabong.

We moved onto Jabiru in the afternoon and found a cool camping ground as near to Ubirr as we could get. We made our way up Ubirr and Cannon hill for sunset over the park (pictured) which truely was quite something.

The next day in the morning we did a rainforest walk near to our campsite. The special feature of the walk states that men and women must walk in different directions as one of the trees has a seat which is intended for female eyes only. Over lunch we followed a 2 hour walk at Cahills Crossing, passing through some of the different rock formations in Kakadu - the parks best walk for wildlife spotters which of course we are now hmmmmmmm:) We saw our 1st large salty croc catch some fish and luckily for us not the men fishing right in front of him - it must be said that Aussies truely are mental when it comes to their fishing.

We left the park early evening in time to drive to Humpty Doo for the night. We stopped at the wetlands centre and decided after seeing the state of the rest area that we would have to go to the pub for the evening. Humpty Doo is one fo the strangest places we have ever been. A mad pub with far too many hill billies in it, oh and dogs all over the place. A guy about 55 came over and started to buy us drinks which we thought was nice of him at 1st. When Paul went to the loo he proceeded to proposition me (now come on people the guy had white hair and a white beard), when i respectfully declined he left the table and bought us another drink on his return passing us a card with supposed free drink on it - when we turned it over he had written his number. God knows what they put in the water there but it can't be good for you:)

We luckily met a lovely lady with the most gorgeous puppy asleep in her lap who suggested we sleep in the pub grounds for the night for free. We concluded that their not all totally mad in Humpty Doo and seriously what a great name for a place.

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