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Lunch in a vine

A14 at Rush hour

M25 after the thunderstorm

One of the locals keeping an eye on us

View above the canopy in the 37 metre high platform

Our room with no outside wall, just a balcony

Another early start to leave Cusco for the jungle.

Up at 6 and pick up at 8 so packing bags for a flight.

Disaster ensues as the zip breaks on our big suitcase bag and the clothing nearly falls out everywhere.

We manage to sort it and Alison lends use a bungee so we can add a bit of security to the contents.

Off to the airport and then the flight to Puerto Maldonado which is in the middle of the jungle.

We arrived at the smallest airport I have ever seen. It makes Norwich look positively massive. We picked up our bags and walked straight out of the airport with no customs or any other checks. The guys picked us up and took us to their local depot where we changed from big bags to ones that can go on the boat. This was challenging as we did not really know what to take. Once it was in place we had to pick up another guest - Tiff from NZ- and then down the main road to the river. The route was really poor in terms of the quality of the road and there were so many motorbikes and motorised tricycles. All loaded up with family members and virtually no crash helmets.

We arrived at the river and it started raining so we sought shelter with the locals in a shed like building, Dave R would be very jealous! As we got on the boat the heavens opened and as we went along the river we were upstream, into a wind and rain lashing in at us -welcome to the jungle!

Surprisingly as we went along the rain stopped and it cleared out so that we had excellent views up the river and to both banks. This is not the Norfolk Broads!

To be continued once we get Wi-fi.........

Back on line!!

The boat stopped at some random steps which our guide insisted was the way to the lodge. Taking his word we trudged up the wooden steps and then even steeper concrete ones before getting to some flat land. We then walked for about another five minutes before we came to the lodge.

Really impressive buildings and we were greeted with cold wet towels and a drink. By this time we were dripping in sweat. The manager explained a bit more about the lodge and its commitment to the environment and the local people that owned the land and the lodge. Really impressive. Unfortunately she then explained about the non pollution policy and we were encouraged to use their products rather than all the shower gel, shampoo or shaving cream we had brought with us.

This was ok and when we saw the rooms we decided that we would be compliant and not use our stuff - three days with no shaving; Irene will be impressed.

After we got sorted out we had lunch and then picked our wellies for the next few days - yes wellies rather than walking boots or trainers. As the temperature was so hot we were not convinced at this stage that it was a great idea. Anyway as it was starting to get towards dusk we headed off for a a fifteen minute trek along wet paths (we like wellies now) and climbed up the viewing platform to see across the jungle. It was really spectacular and we could see a toucan and macaws. Great start to the adventure. Back to the lodge and we were dripping in perspiration and some little insects decided to pay a visit - did you know they have mosquitos in the jungle?

Another shower and change of clothes. At dinner our guide ‘Silverino’ told us that we had a 5 o’clock trek in the morning and breakfasts was ready at 4:30. Off to bed for us and ready for the new day. Think I have been bitten by a mosquito, hopefully just the one.

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