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Our sauna hut

Hotel room overlooking the railway

Paddington Bear

All of us with Miss Paddington

A few wine glasses

Higham Bingham train

Evenings entertainment

Relaxing in the bar carriage

Question: What is more dangerous than driving on Roads in Peru.

Answer: Driving on roads in Peru at night! More about this later.

Today we woke in the town below Machu Picchu to the sound of trains, river and birds. In fact last night the last train we heard was at about 9:50. The like using their horns as must people seem to use the railway as a footpath or road.

We met one of the guides at the hotel to see their Andean Bears (Paddington to us) they had two in cages and two more in semi captive area as they are trying to protect and save this lovely creature. The male was big and lumbered about but the female was younger and more active so we could not get so close to her. Really interesting to see them and hear what thy are doing to protect them. We had breakfast and the went on an orchid tour which we thought would be really interesting but most of them were small and you had to see them under a microscope. It was quite dull and two Americans that joined us made their excuses and left about half way round. The highlight was watching the hummingbirds around one of the feeders and I tried out another feature on the phone of slow motion filming. Came out really well showing the birds flying backwards and feeding on the sugar solution in the feeder. Videos are really large so will have to sort out on our return.

We had tickets for Machu Picchu but decided not to go in again as we had such a great day yesterday. Instead we had a drink at our hotel and then went up in the coach to the entrance to Machu Picchu as the Higham Bingham train trip was starting there with afternoon tea. After the last trip down I sat at the front and videoed some of the route up even where the driver nearly ran over a dog - so many dogs in this country!

We had drinks at the posh hotel at the top which is part of the group that runs the railway trip and then afternoon tea was served at 4.

We came down the mountain and half way down I realised that I didn’t have my Boston Red Socks hat or sunglasses. They called back to the hotel but no joy. My conclusion was that I had left them on the coach coming up. I checked at the bus terminal when we got down but nothing had been handed in so now I am hatless and no sunglasses.

All upset we went though to the train which looked like the Orient Express. We took our seats and soon cheered up as they brought us drink and food to try. After ordering our food and the obligatory Moët Chandon we went into the bar carriage where we had our drinks and sang along to the band and danced with the other passengers. Then back to our seats for a four course meal. An excellent evening had by all. We arrived back at the station and was met by a driver and his sidekick. Neither seem to speak english and we had a hour long drip back to our hotel at Cusco. The road was twisty and turning and you could see people in the distance overtaking other vehicles on dodgy bends-even our driver got in on the act and overtook some lorries in some unbelievable places. When we got back to Cusco we nearly hit a group of dogs in the middle of the road who were more intent on mating rather than getting out of the way. All in all a great day. Crashed out straight to bed as we leave Inca world and travel to the tropical rain forest in the morning.

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