2018 Travels 1 - Asian Cruise travel blog

We departed Honolulu on Philippine Airlines to Manila with a follow-on to Singapore. I was wearing a back brace which turned out to be a pretty bad idea. I just could not get comfortable in the airplane seat. Luckily, the airline offered over 100 free movies to watch so that “kinda” kept my mind off the pain as I watched movie after movie for the over 11 hours flight to Manila. I also lost out on the dinner which was a “take it or leave it” fish something. Anything that comes out of the water does NOT like me. I made a bad Catholic growing up as my family would go out every Friday for a fish fry, clam bake, oyster/lobster fest, etc. while I sat home eating peanut butter sandwiches. I brought my own snacks on this flight so I didn’t starve, but I was really amazed that they only offered one dinner choice.

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