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2 down - 4 to go

Round the bend

Spot the sun

At the top

Old Lock Keeper's House

We were lucky that someone spotted 2 otters just as we were about to depart this morning

So I was able to run up to the lock gates and catch one of them resting on the gate. The second one had gone.

A lot of work today to get up 6 locks - a rise of 56feet in total.

We are becoming faster at it - 2 hours to complete the 6 locks.

It was icy and quite slippery around the walking path and alongside the locks so we had to be wary of our footwork.

The sun was trying very hard to push through the clouds but couldn't quite make it.

At the top lock - tired and aching backs so ready for a little rest after we get tied up around the corner.

I forgot to mention that we came through 3 locks yesterday and every time we got up to open the gates it was sleeting, raining or snowing!!!! Fun!!!!!

Dread to think what the old lock keeper's houses cost to buy.

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