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out for a walk in Punta Arenas



a pine tree

main square














need a new bed

only 561,000 CLP (about $900.00)




















this building has glass around the outside























lunch king crab

this is a replica one of Magellan's ship that made all the...






















at the capstan







this is a replica of Charles Darwin's ship





Captain toilet

from outside the ship strait drop though LOL







a old ship want to go for a sail? LOL



a submarine




Spent the day walking around Punta Arenas, it is about 50F out today so only a light jacket some clouds this is the largest city south of the 46th parallel south. The population is about 150,000 and it sets on the shore of the Straits of Magellan where many large ships pass through. A lot of walking around the city a stop for lunch another crab salad and a small beer (this one was really small LOL). The got a taxi to go to the area where the replica of ship ships were the Nao Victoria the only ship of Magellan fleet (were 5 ship in his fleet)to make it all the way around the world, but Magellan was not on the ship when it made it back he had been killed in the Philippines. Out for some dinner and a large beer back to room and off to bed , tomorrow will be a long day with a bus to Ushuaia a trip of 10 hours, that is my next stop, later

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