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Our next stop was the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the beaches of Tamarindo.

“Tamagringo” hasn’t earned its nickname for nothing; it is quite a holiday destination for loud Americans. It is also a famous surfing spot with lots of surf schools dotted along the beach.

We had a really nice apartment with a kitchen so we enjoyed getting away from the hostels and backpacker trail for a bit. We did a fair bit of swimming and beach combing. We also did a night turtle nesting tour in Ostional Wildlife Reserve, a trio of beaches protected for sea turtle nesting. This place is famous for “arribadas”, where sometimes thousands of turtles come and lay their eggs within a few days of each other. Amazingly, Ostional is the only beach in the world where harvesting turtle eggs is legal. Scientists found out that most of the eggs deposed in the first nights of an arribada are destroyed by other turtles coming later to dig their nests. Therefore, since 1987, the government of Costa Rica allows the community of Ostional to harvest the doomed eggs on the first three days of an arribada. In return, the villagers protect the turtles, clean debris from the beaches and patrol day and night for poachers. Unfortunately, we will a bit out of season for a arribada, so we had to settle for a solitary green turtle laying her eggs.

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