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Waikiki 1

Waikiki 2

Waikiki 3


Our "pet" gecko

Michelle and Kaia in Cabin

Tyler the Bannana Hunter

City Granola

View of our Shower from the front steps

He'll make someone a good woman one day

M & T Harvesting Coffee

Michelle and a basket of coffee

Start up of Monday nights food share

Food Share - One of the local guys cracking coconuts

Food Share sunset

I'd be updating the site everyday but Tyler figures we'd get borring. Pttthhhh. I think I'm winning the arguement though as everyone's giving us crap for not updating sooner.. I did figure we should wait for PICTURES though yeaaayyy.

Things are taking a turn for the much better. I've battled the rats and claimed our castle and Tylers working on the Cochroaches. We've been to a few Beaches and done some AMAZING Snorkeling (I'd almost even say better the Thailand!). Our next plan is to get an underwater camera for some of those pictures. Saw dolphins but havent swam with them yet.

Bunch of farmers here get together with all the apprentices every Monday night on the beach for a pot luck and a food swap (pictures 12,13 and 14). People just bring extra stuff from their farm and you take what you want. We've tried some fantastic fruits we'd never even heard of and have been eating oatmeal and fresh honey (and 100% fresh Kona Coffee) everyday for breakfast.

We had some other apprentices come on about Sept 8th (picture 7). They we're planning to be here till December as well. After a few days of patching holes in the cabin screens, sterilizing the kitchen with bleach, screaming at the roaches and hiding from the rats they decided to rent a car and venture home. We found it odd as they seemed the type that would outlast, outplay and outwit us in this capacity (I miss TV) but not so much. They have so been labelled City Granola.

We've worked as Carnies at the Big Island Farm Fair serving 100% pure Kona Coffee. It was fun. I now have serving experience.

Checked out the main Kailua Kona strip (Ali'i). There were some cool shops and great restaurants, we found some awesome Thai food. We ventured back home in a ricketey-didn't-think-it-would-make-it-up-the-hill free local bus.

We hitch-hiked for the first time EVER to a beach for the day, really easy here - safe and everyone does it.

We did some painting on a friends Bali Style beach house (they rent out for $1500 a week) It was such a nice place, we worked for 3.5 days and were paid $12 an hour CASH.

It's a 1 mile walk to get to the highway from the cabin, a total of 5 miles to the closest grocery store and Kona is about 25 miles and the 1 mile driveway up is pitch black so we're somewhat stranded at night unless Melanie and Colehour (family we're staying / working with) are going in. We decided to try to walk from the Grocery store to the cabin one day just to see how long it would take. It was a 2 HOUR discussion home about how we needed a car.

We're working on getting a car and it should *Hopefully* happen today! It's a '91 Chevy Corsica for $100!! (friend of a friend deal). It runs well, we just had to replace 2 tires. Figure we can sell it for a profit before we leave. Money from the Beach house will pay for Insurance. It'll be so nice to be able to come and go as we please. Tylers been checking through Lonely Planet and talking to people and he's got our first 9 weekends booked.

Our days for the most part are working from 730-2 either harvesting coffee (pictures 10 and 11) or fruits and vegetables, building whatever needs to be built and running through forests with Machete's and weed wackers conquering vines and weeds. I'm surprised to say that its more physically challanging then I figured it would be but we're holding up. In the afternoons we relax a bit with some fresh 100% Kona Coffee, harvest our dinner from the Farm, cook, eat and play Scabble. The cabin is "supposed" to be solar powered but we've come to accept that there'll never be power. We're actually in bed by 730-8 because after 7 we have no light except the lantern - and we're up early anyway for work (I promise to be more exciting once we get the car!).

We're eating mostly the land, Melanie and Colehour supply some staples (Oats, Pasta, Rice, Beans). We're probably eating about 90% Organic. It's actually pretty great. We both feel really good and Tyler doesnt get to spend hours with the gym rats anymore but says he feels skinny but better then ever.

I figure we'll come back preaching about where modern Agricultre has gone, the benefits of Organic food and the Evil GMO. I guess that about covers it. I can say that it's not the Hawaii I had figured just yet. I'm not in cute little skirts with flowers in my hair. I'm dirty, smelly and I'm sure the dirt under my nails is there for the rest of my life. Tyler hasn't shaved his face or head in a month. Wait for the car. I'll be wearing bikini tops and sarongs to run out and get gas!


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