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Parasite tree on safari

Breakfast outdoors after safaris

Tiger paw print

Today was the first time in 15 years of driving that our driver was invited inside a restaurant to eat with his customers. Needless to say, he did as we instructed and joined us but was very apprehensive, and took a selfie with us at the table. The boys were still on a chicken kick, and Abi is Hindu, so only ate a veg sandwich, some veg soup, and some veg chop suey. He left very quickly.

The Internet at the hotel is only available in the lobby, with a weak signal, so I am unable to upload any photos for a while. I will try again at a different location tomorrow, if at all possible. The boys are plotting our departure so we don't waste time in the morning as we have more than 200 kilometres to travel to Rishikesh.

I can now say I have eaten (tried to eat) the hottest pepper of my life, that came disguised as a small green bean in my vegetable pakora (battered deep fried like tempura). It was so fiery that I spit it out onto my plate with no dignity whatsoever, tears in my eyes, drool rolling down my chin, whispering for curd (yogurt to cool it), but Brian and Jud were laughing so hard that the waiter brought me crystal sugar, which I couldn't chew because I couldn't feel my tongue or gums or lips, drool continuing to flow. Very unladylike. Another customer mocked me (an Indian man) for finding the food too spicy as his was very mild. Eventually curd arrived, but my tongue was blistered for some time.

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