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It is the truth...

We travelled from Oklahoma City to Amarillo for 2 nights. The hills of Oklahoma petered out to the flats of the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo sits about in the middle of the panhandle nd serves several ‘farming” communities. It is pretty flat and not generally a lot of green. There was a lot of white because the cotton was ready to, but had not been, harvested. On the trip east we guessed that the brown plantings might be cotton but from the interstate they look like dead plants. The white fields were beautiful. We were surprised that the fields that had been harvested seemed to have so much cotton left on the plants and the ground. But we are not farmers.

The area also has a lot of windmills and as we were getting closer to Amarillo the number of windmills in case wind showed up from somewhere. New Mexicans think of the panhandle as windy so all those still windmills seemed odd. There were a couple that were turning very slowly so we knew they worked. Trees in Amarillo all lean to the northeast because the wind just bashes them. The famous steakhouse qualifies their free 72 ounce steak meal must be eaten in an hour. We did not try.

The RV park was only $13.50 per night since we are Passport America members and Tom thought that might be a little high but it was better than Vinita, OK (our stop on the 2nd night of the journey). There was a llama, a donkey and lots of cats –But the real story was in the grocery section at the Amarillo Walmart. See the photo

We will be home tomorrow.

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