Rome, Naples & Sicily - 2017 travel blog

Laura and Frederica - our guides for this portion of the day

Our "lead" guide for the entire tour

Looking at the Whitaker Estate

Ruins from the Phoenician city

An aerial view of Mozia

Experts are not sure whether this statue is Phoenician or Greek

This writing was on a Phoenician tombstone - they had an alphabet...

The harbor where we left for Mozia

A winery where Marsala wine is made

The owner of the winery

The daughter of the owner of the winery

Lois, Milda, and Jocelyn enjoying cannoli and cream puffs

Trying a new literary form - free association rather than sentences, which are overrated.

Sunshine! Bus for 45 minutes, ferry from Marsala to Mozia (Mothya), new guides for the day: Frederica and Laura, lots of Phoenician ruins and artifacts, walking on unpaved surface 2 miles around the island felt better, Charioteer statue, lunch at winery, tour and tasting, walk around Marsala. Best dinner in Italy: amazing vegetable soup and tender roast beef with burgundy sauce. Busy packing to head to new hotel tomorrow.

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